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The Watch Book - Coffee Table Book - Salontafelboek

Artikelnummer: 9783961712779
€ 59,95

The Watch Book - Coffee Table Book - Salontafelboek


From stopwatches and alarms, to world clocks and calendar functions, to tourbillons that counter the effects of gravity, these so-called complications have been the crowning glory of fine watchmaking for centuries. The Watch Book - More than Time is an illustrated compendium of watchmaking that explores these most intricate elements of the horologist's craft through timing, astronomy, and striking. This volume is a unique and impressive addition to the book market and a lavish tribute to the mastery of horology.


Uitgever: Gilbert Brunner

ISBN: 9783961712779

Bindwijze: Hardcover

Aantal Pagina's: 224

Taal: Engelstalig